Statue of Liberty
This collection has three separate sets of sculptures. The five founders of the Statue of Liberty stand on the grounds of the Statue of Liberty Island. The eight large bronzes symbolic of the immigrants stand outside the Statue of Liberty near the "Wall of Remembrance" and 33 smaller pieces are located at Ellis Island.

Frederic Auguste Bartholdi - French sculpture designed the Statue of Liberty

Alexandre Gustave Eiffel - designed the iron skeleton for the Statue of Liberty

Edouard Rene de Laboulaye - concieved the idea of the Statue of Liberty

Emma Lazarus - American poet that wrote "give me your tired, your poor..."

Joseph Pulitzer - publisher of The New York World conduted a crsade for the Statue Pedestal Fund

Artist - Phillip Ratner with the five bronze Founders statues

View of the statues looking back at Manhattan

View of the Ellis Island statues before reinstallation in January 2001

View of the Ellis Island statues looking back at the Statue of Liberty January 2001